June 2024: Gold Rush

June 2024: Gold Rush

Hello Hive! It's that time again where we are revealing the next theme! And our June 2024 theme is going to be: Gold Rush! 🀠 Which means your pre-orders are going all through May!

❔ Commonly asked question ❔
"Do I need to subscribe every month to get the monthly Scratch Off packets?"
πŸ’¬ The answer is, you do not. Once you are subscribed, you stay subscribed until you pause or cancel your membership. You can always check your membership status at anytime by logging into My Account area and then Manage Memberships.

Let's first talk about the new digital downloads and some basic game-play.

First is our freebee for everyone!
Gold Rush Word Search.

To play: You pay $1 per 1 minute you want to set on the timer.

Set your timer and find the word "GOLD" as many times as you can! (There are 20 total)

Β Then pay $1 for each one you found in your time limit.

You can find it under the Free-Bees section.

πŸ’‘Tip: You can always adapt for a smaller budget. Save 1 quarter instead of $1. Whatever works for you!

Next is a A6 tracker set.
Wanted: For Saving!

To play: Just print and go with these trackers! You can choose any or all of the denominations.

Which includes $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and 2 for coins.

You can find it under the Shop section.

πŸ’‘Tip: Work on using the smaller trackers to build the larger ones. You could work on saving x5 $10 and using the $50 to work on the higher trackers.

How fast is your draw? You can find out by playing "Quick Draw".

To play: Choose one of the 3 rows and place your wagers whether you will win or lose the round.

Then quickly draw 3 cards from your playing deck. Placing it above or below the row of cards to indicate whether you believe it will be higher or lower than the card shown.

πŸ“ŒExample: Row 2 has 4, Jack, 8. And you place all your draws below. You are betting that your 3 cards will be lower than all shown. Then you compare the cards and save accordingly.

Ready to turn your extra change or purchases into savings?

To play: There are 2 variations.
Cash Stuffer Tracker: Round up all your weekly change and save the amount. Write the amount saved in a coin.

Digital Stuffer Tracker: Every time you make a purchase, round up to the nearest dollar. Move the amount from your checking to savings account. Write the amount saved in a coin. You can find Round Up here.

πŸ’‘Tip: You can easily adapt the Digital Stuffer Tracker to Cash Stuffing as well. If you're short on the change, write an IOU for the next time you play.

There's the new Savings Challenge games. We hope they will help motivate you to continue saving! Let's talk about the Scratch Off Club packets!

First is ⛏️ Penny the Prospector:

As you scratch the front, you will find "Fools Gold"! When you find these, you must roll your dice and save the amount rolled.

When you flip over the back, you have 2 mini games.
First is to buy Penny some better panning gear. Choose an item and save the amount shown. Color in the price tag to complete.

Next is converting your gold into bars. Roll your dice for conversion pricing.
Example: Roll a 3 and a 2, you multiply 3x2 = $6
Fill in the blanks and save.

πŸ’‘Tip: Roll more dice when you find Fools Gold for higher savings. Convert to coins for lower savings.

Next is πŸ’ŽCrystal Caverns:

Crystal Caverns uses both sides for game play.
First, scratch off a crystal on the front and then flip over to see how you'll be saving.

πŸ’ April Note: I designed the Penny scratch off first. But after creating the kit, I really wanted the packet to include the crystal mining theme, so I added the extra scratch off to the packet.

And the double sided extras:

The monthly membership card has a mini color and save challenge.

Our insert features "Lucky 7" game. Where you color and save $7 for each color you use to complete the picture! Use a lot of colors or challenge yourself to use only 2-3.

And the collectible playing card mini features the Crystal Cavern theme with some challenging amounts underneath. Remember you can always adapt bills for coins.

πŸ’ŒThe packets are pre-ordered all through May 2024 and will ship out the first week of June 2024.

Now, let's move on to the finale! The Limited Kit!

First, I'd like to take a moment and talk about a change we're implementing with the Monthly Kits. I don't like contributing to that feeling of you having to try and keep up financially in order to enjoy the feeling that receiving a kit brings. In addition to that, some of these kits take a lot of time to create and curate. Then we are faced with "Wow, only 100 of these are in existence. But it's a really fun game I think more people will enjoy." So, to balance that out we have some highlighted changes I'd like to go over.

  • The first 100 kits receive the collectors insert and certificate card. After the first 100, when we do restocks, it will not include those.
  • There will not be a kit introduced every single month. In fact, I am leaning towards creating 4 max a year. And instead of new ones, keeping the restocks.
  • I have some ideas to create "smaller" kits, that may or may not be monthly themed for you guys. The idea here would be less investment, but still giving some new and exciting ways to save.

So, yeah. Jenn and I are constantly brainstorming ways to make the club fun for everyone and trying to consider every budget, and every possibili-bee. 😁

With that out of the way, let's talk about Crystal Caverns! First, the game board is double sided. Your instructions will always be handy on that flip side.

The goal is to adventure through the mine while collecting crystals.
Landing on a butterfly means you pull an action card.
Landing on a teleport means you can go anywhere on the board you'd like, forward or backward. You can really utilize that to save more if you want.
Landing on a blank square means nothing happens. But if you want an extra challenge, give yourself an amount to save.

There are 8 action cards, some result in saving crystals, some losing, and some other helpful actions.

Your goal is to make it to the end with as many crystals as you can. Then roll your dice one final time to get your total to save.

If you have 4 crystals and you roll a 5, you can choose to make those crystals worth $5 each or 5 quarters each for $1.25 total. You could even bump it for a higher budget and save 5 $10 for $50. It's created with everyone in mind. Even if you don't want to play for money, just to have a fun time playing a solo game.

There it is Hive! Gold Rush! I truly hope the new games and challenges inspire you to continue your savings and have fun at the same time.

We are always on your team! Thank you for being a part of our community.

Jenn & April

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