Digital Books & Budget Worksheets

Digital Books & Budget Worksheets

Hello Hive! 🐝🐝

I've received πŸ’¬several requests for me to get some of our books plugged into πŸ“‘digital format. I am happy to announce that I converted the Budget Book & No Spend Books to digital form and they are available now! πŸ›’

Get yourself started on aΒ πŸ’°No Spend challenge! Or maybe get on a head start πŸ“better budgeting. This is your sign to get started! You got this! πŸ’–

I also added our 🌞Summer themed Budget worksheets! Maybe you like to budget with only specific worksheets. Then these are for you! A full Debt Attack set, Income & Expenses overview, Savings Challenge Tracker, Cash Breakdown with Bank Teller Slips. It's all here! We have our 🌷Spring line available too! I will be working on adding πŸ‚Fall and β›„Winter soonish.

Remember all digital downloads are 50% off for our 🍯Club Bee Members!

πŸ’› We have a lot planned for your guys for the rest of 2024! You don't want to miss any of it! Thank you for being a part of the hive! πŸ’›
April 🐝

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